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One-Day Online Workshop

Workshop Description

In this two hour workshop, you will take a deep dive into the topic of the day. Topics will vary from week to week, but might repeat based on student interest and requests. Just bring your sketchbook, suggested supplies, an open mind and a willingness to be brave and make your mark!


Workshops will take place online. Atreyee will send a meeting link and a calendar invite.

Workshop Requirements

All ages and abilities welcome!

Workshop Details

Time: TBD

Date: TBD

A one-and-done workshop, 2 hours long, taking place on the weekend. Workshops are capped at 20 students. If there is more interest, a new workshop will be added. 

Workshop Price


Materials are not included in the workshop price, and will vary depending on the topic of the workshop. Bring a sketchbook and whatever you have! (at the bare minimum, a couple of mark making tools like a pen or pencil.)


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